Top 7 Offshore Software Development Companies

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Top 7 Offshore Software Development Companies

Are you looking for a reliable offshore software development company to create custom solutions for your business?

Offshore software development companies are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness and output quality. They provide an experienced team of experts who customize applications to a client’s specifications by leveraging the latest software languages and tools.

Selecting one firm from the numerous offshore software development companies requires careful consideration. With many companies offering similar services, the decision process can be overwhelming. You must assess prospective offshore companies on core differentiators to choose the best resource for your project. This article will help you do just that by:

  • Covering the benefits of outsourcing software development
  • Outlining critical criteria you should use to select your company
  • Listing some of the top offshore software development companies

Offshore Software Development 101

Before diving into the details of the top companies providing offshore software development services, let's cover some basic terminology regarding offshore outsourcing.

Offshoring is a process of outsourcing the development of software applications to an external provider located in another country. This type of outsourcing allows you to benefit from lower labor costs, access to a vast talent pool, and faster delivery times.

These remote companies offer competitive benefits but may present different challenges and approaches because of cultural and legal differences.

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

The main advantages of offshoring software development are cost savings, access to specialized skills, and scalability. Companies can save up to 70% on their total project costs by outsourcing to an offshore development partner. Additionally, they can access a larger talent pool and benefit from the expertise of specialized developers. Finally, companies can scale up or down their teams quickly and efficiently as project needs change.

Cutting Cost

Finding a dedicated team for your next software development project largely depends on project goals and budget. Product development is a lengthy process requiring businesses to invest resources, tools, and personnel. Custom application development incurs large in-house costs because of the need for detailed project management and high-salaried developers. While having an in-house team provides benefits such as constant oversight, the high price tag may not justify this control.

Having expert developers from European countries or even further East for a fraction of the cost can be a great way to save money and still produce your customized application. Many offshore businesses charge on an hourly basis at an affordable rate. Of course, the development cost for your outsourcing project depends on the application's scope and the outsourcing company's reputation and location. 

Access to Specialized Skills

Different offshore development companies provide niche skills providing you with customizable options. A specific company may have vast experience in a particular industry, offering better insights into your specifications. This type of specialization may present better-performing solutions than the generalized capabilities of an in-house team.

However, these specialized skills must fit into the context of overall good project management. Specifically, pay attention to offshore software development companies during your selection process concerning:

  • Good flow of communication
  • Portfolio of applications using your similar specifications
  • Achievable timeline 
  • Quality assurance
  • Prompt and valuable feedback


Offshore software development companies provide scalable services dependent on your budget, specifications, and project management needs. This flexibility enables you to access top-notch talent from offshore countries while maintaining control over the price and scope of the work.


What to Look For in an Offshore Software Development Company?

When searching for an offshore software development company, it is important to consider several crucial factors:

  • Primarily, you should seek a company with experience in the particular technology or platform your project requires. To properly assess potential companies, your team must remain up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to keep your project secure and current. Watch for companies with a proven track record of an engaged management team and talented developers using the latest software tools. 
  • Additionally, it is crucial to consider the team's communication skills. The offshore software development company should be versed in effective communication with your in-house team and provide regular updates on the project's progress.
  • Finally, ensure that your chosen company has a reliable client management system. This system will help address any issues or questions quickly and efficiently.


Top 7 Offshore Software Development Companies Overview

The selection of the top offshore software companies can take time to unravel, given that the market is constantly changing. We selected the best full-service software development partners based on cost, expertise, and performance.

1. BairesDev

BairesDev is a top-notch Offshore Technology Solutions provider that delivers exceptional software solutions for businesses. With over 5,000 skilled engineers spread across 36 countries, BairesDev is the ideal choice for offshore software development as they provide time zone-aligned services that enable Fortune 500 companies and leading brands to reach their full potential. Their ultimate aim is to generate long-lasting value throughout the entire digital transformation process.

What distinguishes BairesDev from other companies is their ability to attract and retain the top 1% of tech talent in the industry, ensuring unparalleled results. All of their bilingual software engineers possess extensive experience working with the most recent technologies on the most difficult and innovative projects available in the market. Furthermore, their teams are dispersed in such a manner that they are always in the same time zone as their clients, making it easier to manage projects in real-time and maintain efficient feedback cycles for quicker delivery rates.

BairesDev has an unbeatable track record of working on complex projects, providing their clients with the expertise and results they require. Their engineers have an average of over 10 years of experience and focus on solving the core business problems of their clients. BairesDev has worked with companies of all sizes and complexities, ranging from start-ups to middle-market businesses and more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies, delivering unparalleled results across all industries and propelling their digital transformation to the next level. With specialized profiles, dedicated project managers, and comprehensive internal processes in place, BairesDev guarantees the timely delivery and quality of their solutions.

2. STX Next

With over 450 Python developers, STX Next is considered a European software powerhouse with a steady annual growth rate. They provide services in staff augmentation, product design, UI/UX Design, and software testing (including Q&A) services.

The STX Next toolbox framework includes Django, Flask, Angular, React.js, and more. With 500+ employees, this Poland-based company is nearing its second decade of business operations.

Their admirable portfolio includes big clients like MasterCard, Tiqets, and Google. Charging between $50 to $99 per hour, STX Next offers affordable services as a consultant or development partner. 

3. Avenga

Based in Germany, Avenga has made a global impact after merging four software development companies in 2019. Last year, they expanded their operations in four regions and are currently present in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

With over 4000 experts and new-breed technology, Avenga provides the best services in business intelligence, digital consumer onboarding, software maintenance, and staff augmentation.

Coming from the crib of the automotive industry, it is not surprising that Mazda, Swiss Life, and Volvo are among Avenga's top clients. 

4. N-iX

Bulgaria is the top location for outsourcing in Eastern Europe because of N-iX. The company supplies technical advisory services, digital product exploration, development, and personnel expansion to rapidly progressing technological companies worldwide.

Located in Bulgaria, Malta, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, and the United States, employees provide expertise in data and cloud technology, IoT facilities, UX layouts, and game engineering.

N-iX has recently received multiple awards and recognitions. In 2021, the company received acknowledgment for its public cloud services. Additionally, it was listed as one of the top 50 inspiring EMEA workplaces for 2022.

5. Software Mind

Software Mind is a software partner providing teams internationally and is among Romania's top offshore software development partners. You can rely on their cross-functional teams to guide you through brainstorming, launching, and scaling up your business - from developing dynamic growth strategies to bringing innovative ideas to life. Software Mind's engineers in Central and Eastern Europe have completed thousands of projects for clients worldwide. Software Mind has Enterprise Investors, one of the largest private equity firms in Central and Eastern Europe, as its financial backer.

Their house development team provides services for staff augmentation, product design, cloud computing, and UX/UI design. Sofware Mind provided business software services to prominent clients like CoreLogic, Dell, and CitiBank.

Recently, Software Mind expanded acquisitions and boosted nearshore capabilities, increasing the client pool to provide custom software solutions.

6. Forte Group

Among the top international software delivery partners from Ukraine, Forte Group works primarily with mid-market companies. Focusing on specific-sized companies makes Forte Group an expert at providing targeted solutions for its clients. The company offers the latest custom software development, Q&A testing, and staff augmentation services in the transportation, logistics, education, finance, and e-commerce industries.

7. Altamira

With clients like Aquiline Drones, David Walker, and Abasa Philips, Altamira has a rich portfolio in finance, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and life sciences. Located in the United States, UK, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Switzerland, this mid-sized company provides affordable services for data science, web and mobile development, staff augmentation, and other software development needs.

8. Empat

Focusing on the immersive technology experience, Empat has provided services in web development, mobile applications, UI/UX design, business intelligence, and software testing.

Even though this Ukrainian company is small in scale, it has impressive clients like Porsche, Panasonic, and Domino's. With over 300 completed projects, their expertise is emerging globally.

Empath's business practice emphasizes including clients as team members in the process. This continuity ensures open communication to eliminate project creep and over-run budgets.


Worried About Finding the Perfect Offshore Partner?

We are here to help. With so many companies, selecting the right offshore software development company can sometimes be overwhelming. However, with the proper research and due diligence, you can find a reliable partner to create your customized software application.

Offshoring services allow you to access valuable resources and expertise – without the hassle of recruitment and salary negotiations. You'll gain access to the best tools, technologies, and processes on the market—allowing you to focus less on resource management and freeing up time for innovation.

Many businesses need help finding a suitable offshore software development company. That's why we specialize in finding high-quality partners worldwide for our clients. Visit us today to take the first step toward hiring your ideal offshore partner.

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Paul Rose is an experienced test engineer with a background in the aviation and healthcare industries. In addition to his technical expertise, Paul is a proficient writer with several posts on
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